Real Estate Construction Dispute Lawyers in Toronto & GTA

Real Estate Construction Disputes
Posted By On May 6, 2024

Real estate construction disputes are not uncommon. If not quickly or adequately resolved, you can experience delays that can result in substantial losses or cancellation of a project. Contact a Toronto civil litigation lawyer from Affinity Law if a real estate construction dispute threatens to derail your plans and cause significant monetary losses.

At Affinity Law, we handle any number of possible issues in real estate construction disputes, including:

  • Construction fraud
  • Window and exterior façade leaks
  • Wood floor problems including expansion and contraction
  • Ventilation and exhaust problems
  • Use of inferior substitutions or other quality issues
  • Damage to the project due to fire, natural disaster, equipment failure, or other causes
  • Useless or inadequate warranties
  • Management disputes
  • Bid process
  • Costs associated with delays
  • Work that is extra to the project

Any of these issues can be resolved through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or trial.

All too often, issues in real estate construction can derail a project, delay construction, cause extensive damage, or otherwise create significant legal problems. At Affinity Law, we represent owners, developers, contractors, suppliers, lenders, trades, and suppliers. Issues that we have handled include:

  • Design-build contracts
  • Claims for extras
  • Employment and labour disputes
  • Delay claims
  • Fraud claims
  • Claims for defective workmanship
  • Claims regarding contaminated properties
  • Claims regarding use of defective materials

When disputes delay a project, our team of construction lawyers provide mediation, arbitration, or litigation to get the project back on track. Call us today to see how Affinity Law can offer you the services and guidance you need to give your business the best opportunity to achieve your goals.