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Have you been wounded or injured after an accident in Markham? At Affinity Law, we know how an injury can impact your everyday life and prevent you from doing the everyday things you deserve to be doing. That’s why our personal injury lawyers in Markham are here to advocate for your case and help secure the financial compensation you need.

Fighting for the People of Markham

As one of the largest and most diverse communities in the Greater Toronto Area, our personal injury lawyers are dedicated to helping Markham and its residents receive the professional and experienced legal support and representation they deserve.

When working with our personal injury lawyers in Markham, we will guide through the claims process and fight for you during all stages such as mediation. If your personal injury case needs to be taken past mediation to court, our litigation specialists will be ready to advocate for you. Your case will be heard in court at the Superior Court of Justice located on Eagle Street West. Our skilled injury lawyers will explain how we handle this process so that you will feel comfortable and well-represented by our experienced team. 

Our Personal Injury Services

Handling everything from consulting advice and preparing documentation to representing you in court, Affinity Law offers you complete legal support and guidance with our range of services.

Our personal injury lawyers in Markham are well versed in tackling challenging cases, including those involving:

Accident Benefits

Accident Benefits

Also known as Statutory Accident Benefits (SABS), these accident benefits are often compulsory for all vehicle insurance policies across Markham and Ontario. Unlike a typical policy, these benefits work will pay eligible individuals even if they are partly at fault for the accident. The benefits aim to cover lost earnings and any medical expenses not available on OHIP. Our accident benefits lawyers in Markham have a strong success record with making sure our clients get the full entitlement they deserve.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents

Bicycle & Pedestrian Accidents

Motor vehicle drivers are not the only people on the road. In fact, pedestrians and cyclists are common across Markham roads and do have rights that protect them. If a driver has wounded you through negligent driving, you can seek compensation for your injury. Our bicycle and pedestrian lawyers across Markham are available and ready to advocate for you.

Brain and Head Injuries

Brain & Head Injuries

Experiencing even the smallest of knocks, bumps or wounds to the brain can have life-altering consequences by affecting a person’s cognitive, emotional and mental capabilities. Affinity Law recognizes the severity of a brain injury or a concussion and the impact it can have on your ability to work, socialize and enjoy everyday activities. Our brain injury lawyers in Markham can offer you the assurance you deserve as we fight for your compensation from those responsible and their insurers.

Catastrophic Injury Lawyers

Catastrophic Injury

Catastrophic injuries occur in the most devastating of accidents, including severe wounds from a car and motor vehicle accidents. Unfortunately, catastrophic injuries often cause permanent and life-changing effects such as brain damage, paralysis, or loss of limbs. Our catastrophic injury lawyers in Markham recognize this impact and will endeavour to give you the strong representation you deserve.

Children’s Injury Claims

Children’s Injury Claims

Having a child experience a severe injury due to the negligence of another person is a devastating event that can have life-long consequences on their future. However, with our child injury lawyers in Markham by your side, we can fight for your child’s right to a better future and help secure financial compensation that would cover their lost income and medical expenses.

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a type of pain or discomfort that is prolonged. It can occur in episodes or be ongoing. Unfortunately, many accident victims often report lingering pain that can be difficult to treat and affect their everyday life. If you have been injured and are experiencing chronic pain as a result, our chronic pain lawyers in Markham are here to help you get compensation for your suffering

Defective Products and Product Liability

Defective Product & Product Liability

From personal grooming products to electrical goods, experiencing an accident caused by a faulty or defective product can be a shocking and traumatic event. Injuries such as burns or shocks are often the result of interaction with defective products and can be so severe that they prevent you from working. Our defective product and product liability lawyers in Markham are here to fight for your case – we will work to offer you the best chances of a successful claim.

Dog Bites

Dog Bites

Although dog attacks are fairly rare in cities such as Markham, they do happen and can cause severe injuries and even death from blood loss and infection. These shocking and traumatic events may also affect your mental wellbeing, especially given that many victims are unfortunately children and babies. Our dog bite lawyers in Markham strive to challenge the dog’s owner and fight for the financial aid you need following a dog bite attack. We have successfully represented clients on these cases and are very familiar with local and provincial laws regarding aggressive dogs, including against illegal breeds such as pit bulls.

Hit and Run Accidents

Hit and Run Accidents

A hit and run can be a shocking and traumatic experience that leaves many victims with financial, physical, and emotional struggles. While many are covered for these incidents through their insurance policy, it is important that your insurance company is fully convinced you are entitled to your compensation as many will seek to deny you your claim. Our hit and run accident lawyers in Markham are here to assist you. We guide you through the claims process and work to support your recovery by fighting for the compensation you deserve.

Motor Vehicle and Car Accidents

Motor Vehicle & Car Accidents

Connected to the busy Greater Toronto Area by the busy 404 & 407 Highways, Markham is sadly no stranger to motor vehicle accidents involving cars, trucks and motorcycles. As well as being a traumatic and emotional experience, a motor vehicle accident can cause severe physical injuries that can affect both your short and long-term health. As well as taking place on the road, some motor vehicle crashes or collisions happen off-road, like those involving snowmobile accidents. Our motor vehicle and car accidents lawyers in Markham are here to fight for your case and ensure you have the best possible chance of getting the compensation you deserve for your suffering. Our Markham car accident lawyers take a genuine interest in the cases of all of our clients and when victims suffer devastating injuries as a result of a MVA in Markham. The motor vehicle accident lawyers of Affiinity Law are ready to assist you in obtaining the financial compensation you deserve.

Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents

Victims of truck accidents often suffer significant financial losses due to the injuries they have sustained. Due to the fact that trucks are much larger and heavier than normal passenger vehicles, the occupants of a passenger vehicle could suffer catastrophic or severe injuries and can even lose their lives from colliding with a truck. Often, injuries sustained as the result of a truck accident can have overwhelming consequences that can change the course of a truck accident survivor’s life. Our Markham truck accident lawyers may be able to assist you in pursing a claim for compensation. If you are the victim of a truck accident, Affinity Law truck accident lawyers in Markham are here to help. Consult with us for a free consultation to determine whether legal action would be appropriate for your case.

Slip Trip and Fall Accidents

Slip/Trip & Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can occur all over Markham, whether in public places like malls and parks or in a private home. Although you might feel responsible for this incident and its injury, your fall may have been prevented if proper maintenance practices were in place. At Affinity Law, our slip and fall injury lawyers in Markham will carry out a thorough investigation and advocate for your right to compensation.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft-Tissue Injuries

A soft tissue injury causes damage to tendons, ligaments and other parts of our body that help control limb movement and our dexterity. They are often accompanied by injuries to bones and organs from a variety of incidents that range from car crashes to assault. Our soft-tissue injury lawyers in Markham are here to support you on your road to recovery by giving you the strong and consistent legal representation and advice you deserve to make a successful claim.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal Cord Injuries

An injury to the spinal cord that can have devastating effects on a person’s livelihood. From experiencing paralysis to constant, chronic pain, a spinal cord injury can put you out of work and require regular medical attention and home care. Although you might have the option to file a claim for your injury, many insurance companies are skilled in finding ways to deny you your claim or give you a low-ball offer. Our spinal cord injury lawyers in Markham have extensive experience tackling these companies and will fight to ensure your claim has the best possible chances of success.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one following an accident is a traumatic and devastating experience for you and your family. However, you are not alone in this and our wrongful death lawyers in Markham are able to help you and your family respect the memory of your loved one with the financial compensation and support you deserve.

Long-Term & Short-Term Disability Claims

Has your injury resulted in you being unable to work or carry out daily activities? If so, you may be able to make a disability claim, even if you have already been denied. Affinity Law is here to assist the people of Markham by offering experienced and reliable legal guidance on short or long-term disability claims. Our long-term and short-term disability claims lawyers in Markham will advocate for your disability and challenge insurers who may have wrongfully denied you your benefits. Our LTD lawyers have a strong and proven record assisting Markham residents with a variety of disability claims, including those involving:

  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Bipolar & Personality Disorders
  • Chronic Pain
  • Critical/Terminal Illness
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Long-term Disability
  • Short-term Disability

While it may seem an uphill battle, making a disability claim can be easier than you might suspect if you have our disability benefits lawyers in Markham by your side. We will carry out a thorough investigation of your case, assist you with gathering and presenting evidence, and represent you so that you can focus on caring for your own wellbeing. Trust the highly experienced lawyers for long-term disability claims at Affinity Law for clear legal advice and support during uncertain or stressful times.

Long Term and Short Term Disability Claims

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