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Fractures & Broken Bones

A bone fracture means there is a break in the continuity of any bone. Individuals can suffer from broken bones in almost any part of the body, from the skull or spine to the ribs, arms, legs, or pelvis.

Fractures can result from falls, impact injuries, or another traumatic events. People working in dangerous occupations, e.g. industrial workers and those who have been involved in car accidents, bicycle or truck accidents are particularly at a high risk of suffering from a broken bone. Bone fractures are usually very painful and often incapacitate the individuals from performing routine tasks.

Depending on the location of the bone and the type of fracture that occurred, different treatment and pain management techniques are used.

Types of Fractures

Below is a non-comprehensive list of various fractures that are commonly experienced by individuals involved in accidents etc.

Complete fracture – this happens when the bone fragments are entirely separated
Simple fracture – occurs when the bone breaks but does not puncture the skin
Compound fracture – happens when bone breaks and pierces the skin.
Compression fracture – usually occurs in the spine, where one or more vertebrae collapse
Displacement fracture – occurs when the broken bone moves from its original location to a strange angle
Incomplete fracture – occurs when the two bone fragments are still partially joined
Spiral fracture – occurs where some part of the bone has been twisted

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The best option for any fractures or broken bone injuries is prompt and appropriate medical attention, either by surgery or through a cast or sling, pain management or any other type of non-surgical treatment.

However, even after these remedies, fractures can still result in serious and permanently debilitating complications for patients, occasionally resulting in multiple surgeries or amputations.

Long Term Effects of Bone Fractures:

  • Permanent reduced range of motion and loss of use;
  • Permanent or partial loss of use or disability;
  • Chronic pain;
  • Nerve damage;
  • Joint problems;
  • Anxiety and depression;
  • Loss of strength; and/or
  • Arthritis

Suffering from any of the above long-term effects can affect your job, employ ability, and the standard of living (social, recreational, and family life).

Even worse, we’ve seen cases where it’s almost impossible for the client to fully recover and is forced to live with physical disabilities for the rest of their life.

Depending on your case you may be entitled to compensation for these injuries including money for pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, out-of-pocket expenses (including medical expenses, transportation costs etc.), cost of future care, past and future wage loss, and loss of earning capacity.

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