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Child Accident Claims

Serious injuries to children are not only tragic but can mean substantial medical expenses for many months or even over a life-time. Injured children may not only be entitled to damages for their pain and suffering and diminished quality of life but also to the loss of income that they could have earned if not for the injury.

In Canada, injury is one of the leading causes of death for not only children, but for all Canadians between the ages of one and 44 according to the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation. The three leading causes of injury-related deaths are motor vehicle collisions (MVCs) (17%), drowning (15%) and threats to breathing (11%) (Statistics Canada).

Type of Child Accident Claims

There are several types of claims that can be brought on behalf of the children who are injured by the negligence of a 3rd party. These can include Motor Vehicle Accident Claims, Daycare Negligence, Birth Injuries, Injuries Involving Food, Accidents Involving Other Children, Improper Supervision and Defective Child & Infant Products etc. There are specific rules that oversee negligence against children.

While nearly all licensed caregivers do their best to safeguard children from injury, individuals and organizations sometimes do act negligently and fail to meet their “duty of care” to safeguard the children from harm. Its often reported in the news that some daycare providers intentionally cause harm to the children in their care, resulting in devastating trauma.

Your child can also suffer serious or permanent injuries during labor and delivery by negligence of a medical professional. It is usually difficult to prove such a case by yourself. Moreover, it is your responsibility to prove that malpractice occurred. Without necessary medical and legal expertise, you are at a disadvantage while fighting for what you deserve from the parties at fault.

The experienced Toronto child injury lawyers at Affinity Law passionately fight for the children who have suffered injuries. We have successfully advocated numerous claims against negligent 3rd parties. We are here to defend you and your loved ones in these difficult times.

Defective or Dangerous Children& Infant Products

Parents and caregivers have a reasonable expectation when buying children’s products (car seats, cribs, bike helmets and strollers etc.)for the products to have passed stringent safety tests. They rely on the manufactures for safety of their child’s well being and future by providing the best they can afford for their children. Unfortunately, companies frequently produce ill tested products with serious defects. Also, many products do not include appropriate directions on safe use and necessary warning labels to ensure correct use. These lapses frequently result in children being seriously injured and, in many cases, are left with permeant life alerting injures or even death.

Defective Car Seas, Dangerous Toys and Choking Hazards

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of children’s injuries. Sometimes the improper size of the seat or restraint is used but often it happens due to a defective car seat. This can include bad handles, weak construction, or buckles etc. If your child was injured due to a defective car seat, contact us as soon as possible for a free consultation with a lawyer you can trust. If another driver’s carelessness or negligence caused the car accident, you can count on us to advocate aggressively to prove it and fight for the rightful compensation you deserve.

Choking hazards are very common in children’s products and toys. These can include things like small teethers, un-inflated balloons, small pieces (like buttons on a stuff toy) that can come off with little force, and magnets in toys etc. Many children’s products are recalled due to strangulation, choking, and suffocation. Recently, Ikea agreed to pay $46 million to settle a lawsuit over a child killed by tipped dresser.

Child Injury Lawyer in Toronto & GTA

Sometimes, in spite of our best efforts to protect our children, a defective product will cause them injury. If your child has suffered any type of injury as the result of a defective child or infant product, make sure you discuss your legal options with a product liability lawyer at our firm. We can determine how you can hold the responsible party liable. No matter the particular nature of product liability claim you may have as related to a children’s product, you can count on our knowledge and experience.
If you or a loved one have suffered an injury because of another party’s negligence, the experienced personal injury lawyers at Affinity Law can help evaluate your specific case to determine whether you have a valid claim.

We have a remarkable track record of victories in handling cases involving all types of personal injuries and accidents, including catastrophic injuries, motor vehicle accidents, work accidents, slip and falls and industrial accidents.

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